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The AWARE Foundation

How do I even describe my gratitude to a person who singlehandedly took me under his wing, during one of the most heartbreaking times a person could go through?

I will forever be indebted to Kenny and The AWARE Foundation, Inc.

The moment that he saw my missing post for Marissa Grimes, he went to work. Just like he selflessly does for any other missing person. He got her name, case, picture out, and contacted the media on our behalf.

Then one day later, we got the news that a body was found.

Her body was found…

He told me the minute he saw my post, and Marissa’s picture, it hit him hard. It brought him back to Gabby Petito’s case. He linked Gabby’s mother Nichole and I together and I will forever be grateful for him doing this. I will do another post about her and I relationship and partnership.

Kenny has become like family to me. He has the same drive and passion for this as I do.

His cousin was murdered many years ago and the killer walked free. This is his ‘why’ for creating such an amazing foundation. He has kept true to his cousin, and each case keeps that fire alive. Despite the outcome, he is able to go to sleep knowing he did everything possible and that the family has closure (positive or negative). Unfortunately, most of the time it is negative and it can take a toll even on one of the strongest people I know.

Kenny is the type of man who would give you the shirt off his back. Where you can easily talk on the phone for two hours and it seems like ten minutes. When it comes to these cases, he does not just make a post and wash his hands of it. He see’s it through, even in the ugly moments- he is there.

This is hard work, not only long hours (morning and night) but it can be mentally taxing on a person. He would not trade it for the world, but he does deserve all the recognition in the world.

So please, if you ever see a missing person contact The AWARE Foundation they will do everything they can to get your loved ones information out.

If you have the time share his foundation page. If you have the extra money consider donating to them. It does cost him to do these things, to be able to have the reach that you will need, if this situation ever happens to you (I pray that it does not).

Kenny, thank you and The AWARE Foundation for everything you did for the Marissa Grimes case! Thank you for taking me under your wing and navigating me through this entire process. Thank you for explaining what things meant and how things happened.

Thank you for being you!

XO Stephanie

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