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Thank You!!!

Thank you!

We are ending this year with a broken but full heart and that is because of your support.

We started this foundation because we lost someone we love very much- Marissa Grimes.

We knew our justice system was jaded, but Marits case showed a complete breakdown when it comes to protecting the victim. This system is focused around the ‘rights’ of the abuser. During the search for Marits, we saw that no matter your ‘danger level,’ no one will look for missing adults.

So, we set out to bring change and we are.

We are NOT alone, and we grow every single day.

Our first thanks, will always be to the families that come to us for help. Thank you for trusting strangers to help you during the scariest moments of your lives.

Our second thanks are to our donors, supporters, volunteers, people who stepped into help families. The list is long but know we keep track of everything, and we would not be here if it wasn’t for your help!

Be safe everyone and let’s continue to grow and be there for even more families in 2023!



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