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Dylan Rounds: BOMBSHELL Evidence LEAKED

I want to first thank the individual that came forward and trusted me with this information.

I have verified the source through Box Elder County and the truth behind these claims.

There has been enough evidence, since mid-November, to charge Brenner with the death of Dylan Rounds.

Paired with the interviews I've seen with Nate Eaton, and other factors. I fear that the justice system is continually failing Dylan and his family.

From a family, that has been through, and still very much going through their own murder case. This family has had to fight for their child like no other case all because he is a young adult male. They do not take these cases seriously. The family had to play detective and now, I feel like they are being railroaded.

They have enough evidence and STILL HAVE NOT done an interview with Brenner? None of this adds up, and my greatest fear for Candice and Justin, is that they will be forced to make a deal with the devil just to bring their son home.

Please share, because this injustice has got to stop!

We need to stand together and get Dylan home without making any deals with the devil.

We will stand together and put victims of violence FIRST!

We will stand together and put missing people FIRST!


***** For media request, you have my permission to use this article for your story.If you do report on this article, please email a link of it to: I would love to share it!

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