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Dear Gabby

Dear Gabby,

I never got the luxury to meet you, but I know so much about you! I have thrown around a few ideas on how I wanted to write this, but a letter to you seems to fit. I am an old soul, but I feel like you know this already. Both, you and Marissa had to give yourselves up as an avoidable sacrifice. Both you and Marissa always saw the bigger picture and wanted the greater good. Yet, to make this sort of change, you had to show us the flaws in our justice system. You both had to spill your own blood, to wake up this movement and shine light on this jaded system.

We see the similarities between the two of you. From the smiles, the love of crafting, traveling, and man the both of you could draw…..too that 10th day.

On day 10, is when we (both families) were able to get the missing signs noticed. The cops failed you at that stop, they failed to see who the real victim was, and let you continue on with that monster. Marissa, did the right thing, pressed charges, but they allowed him to bond out to inflict his revenge. Our justice system, that is supposed to protect us, failed you both and it cost your lives.

Then we see that 2 day similarity.

You were ID on the 21st, Marissa on the 23rd.

Your birthdays are two days apart.

You Gabby, and my sweet Marissa needed our families together. So each case, needed to have a familiarity to it. I can say with a hundred precent certainty that the two of you are in Heaven together cheering us on (thank you for that).

If it was not for your mother reaching out to me, guiding me through all of this, I would be so lost. Your mother listened when I needed to speak, cry, and vent and helped me through each emotion. She was there when I needed someone who understood this type of loss. Murder, is not the same as an accident, a health issue, etc. You both were taken, in the most horrible of manners- AND BOTH COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!

So thank you Gabby, for sharing your family with me. Thank you for adding to the size of my family, because I will count yours as ours. Marissa, thank you for leading us together too- I promise to make you proud little sister.

Our families, together as one, will bring you both justice!

Heaven help those who stand in our way!

So Gabby, I promise you this. I will get you justice as I work on getting justice for Marissa. I will do this not only for you both, but for your siblings, my siblings, Marissa’s boys and my daughter.

So that their future will be safe and protected from any of this!

I will continue to be your moms sounding board, and her mine. I will continue to create and develop life changing things with your mama. We will work to bring prevention, awareness, and true protection to victims. We both now see the bigger picture, and we will die fighting to change this! I know you are both in Heaven dancing, laughing, and celebrating our plans to bring such change.

To Gabby's family- thank you for not only being here, but allowing me to fight right next to you!

We will get justice for Gabby Petito!

We will get justice for Marissa Grimes!

We will stop the innocent slaughter of domestic violence victims (women, men, and children)!

I promise this to you!

Please give my sister(s) a hug and kiss for me. I will do the same for your family down here.

Now you girls have fun up there. We have some work to do before we join you both. But until then save our seats, prepare for giant hugs and kisses, and continue to lead us in the right direction- we will see you both soon!

Forever this time!

XO Stephanie

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