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Bringing Austin Home

Austin is a bright, funny, and loves to enjoy life, but he is being treated unjustly.

Sadly, this has happened his entire life. You see, Austin has Autism and with that comes some behavioral issues among other challenges a ‘normal’ twelve would not face.

All his life, he has been required to seek therapy, however, most places will not accept him due to the Autism diagnoses or his behavioral issues. What is most outlandish, is that he has been court ordered to be in an inpatient facility, and then they pulled his funding citing his behavior as a key issue. His family could not afford the almost five hundred a day cost, so they had to bring him home.

Austin has been missing now for eight days.

His mother Sandra dropped him off at a friend’s home July 17, 2022, and was to pick him up later that day, but he was taken. Let me add here that Sandra is his biological mother and has sole custody over him- no one else.

Austin then used his friend’s phone to text Tyler Litz, thirteen texts between the two and shortly after that we see Taylors SUV on the doorbell camera. Tyler then powered off his phone and has kept it off. Austin has not been in contact with his family. This is NOT the first time this couple has taken Austin. In fact, this couple has taken other children as well. Why has the Lorain or the Sandusky Police Department not put kidnapping charges on them, blows my mind. There is a clear history of kidnapping, luring children into their home, and God knows what else.

Now let’s jump back the July 17th when he got in their car, as soon as Sandra figured out what happened she went directly to the police to file a report. Absolutely nothing was done with that report and that is what lead her to The AWARE Foundation, and I have been working with her since. Together, we have raised awareness and Sandra has had multiple people tell her that he is in Tyler and Taylors home. That they hide him when people come over. He has even run off behind the home to hide. They have dyed his hair and so many other things. She has proof from multiple sources and the police still have done nothing.

This is a 12-year-old child, who has mental disabilities. Who takes daily medication to help with those disabilities. For eight days, this child has been manipulated by two grown adults. For eight days, this child has been going through forced withdrawals from mental health medication that could have serious hurt or killed him. Austin will have to be hospitalized when he is located to regulate his medication again.

Despite everything the police still have not got any kind of warrant to arrest these individuals. They did search the house once, it lasted about five minutes, in a house that has three stories. The detection dog picked up Austin’s sent that lead to the woods, the police did not follow it, but stopped the family from entering to look for him. This dog is trained specifically for Austin and knows his scent. Austin also has Raynard’s Phenomenon and if he gets to hot or cold, his hands and feet begin to hurt and change colors. It has been extremely hot this summer, and if he were out there with no water and unable to walk, things could become serious fast for Austin. Yet, the police prevented them from entering, and they were not on the kidnapper’s property.

They concluded their 15-minute search for Austin and called it a day. They were extremely dismissive to Sandra and her daughter who were outside during this search. At that point, the officers told Sandra to leave, nothing more could be done. With tears in her eyes Sandra and her daughter got in their car, rolled down the widows and started calling out for Austin as they drove down the street. Sandra then sees flashing lights and hears a siren behind her and she pulls over. The cops drag her out of the car and places her in handcuffs, as the daughter is filming and having a panic attack. Sandra was then cited with a disorderly conduct ticket and must appear in court the first week in August.

This is a mom, searching for her son and they give her a ticket. Why is it that the kidnappers are still walking free with no tickets? This child was lured out, forced into a medication detox that could have killed him, and forced to hide in or outside of the home. Austin is a mentally challenged child, they are manipulating him and feeding off that. It is sickening to even think about, and I can’t imagine the fear and rage Sandra carries as a mother.

She is a mother, who knows who took her son. This is a mother who has multiple people verify where he is and how they hide him. This is a mother having to film every police encounter because they will not help her get her son back.

So, let’s talk about the injustice here. A twelve-year-old without any medical issues is easily manipulated. Sprinkle in Autism, and other medical conditions, without the needed medication and sadly this makes him even more vulnerable.

It makes him the perfect victim for two sick individuals.

XO Stephanie

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