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Ways to help!

Thank you for the patience as we build this foundation. So you are looking at ways to help or be involved in this movement- there are several ways! We are focusing on several categories but the main one is bringing true protection to victims of violence. As we speak, I am setting up the shop, and every profit that is earned on each item will go towards this foundation. From the creation of bills, all the way to helping victims get out safely.

Ways to help below.

How can you help?


Sadly, to make this type of overdue change in our justice system- it will take money. Yes, we do focus on victims of violence and the aftermath, but we are also going after reforming the entire thing! To free up our justice system for those who do not belong in there- so there is room for the people who need to be. 

However, we do work directly with victims who are stuck in the situation, or rebuilding after- this does allow us to help them as well. 

Want to join the fight?

Have you been a victim of violence and your case was mishandled or the outcome left you with no protection afterwards? Join the army we are building as we fight to get these standards, these laws, elevated all across the United States.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your Information and story. 

**In Stephanie's case, she was almost killed and he got away with it despite pressing charges. Her little sister, did the same and she was murdered because the justice system failed her. If you are a loved one to a victim who was taken- please fill out the form for yourself!


There are many ways you can volunteer.

Do you specialize in a service, own a company, or work in an occupation that would allow us to partner together to make this type of change- lets talk!

Examples: lawyer, writer, app developers, police officers, teachers, digital media (making documentaries), and so much more. 


Do you own a business and want to sponsor a fundraiser- we would love too! 

When we hold events or fundraisers and would like to help plan, help set up, and take down afterwards.

Let us know!  

Thank You!

Every single thing that you do matters. No matter how big or small- you matter to us! Everyone is a piece to this puzzle of change, and we are so thankful to have you behind us! We are tackling some big judicial changes, creating new technology, increasing awareness, even prevention. Outside of that, we are developing programs for victims who are stuck in the situation, who just got out of it, or who lost their lives to it ( programs for the mourning families). 

We can't wait to launch everything and can't wait for you guys to see it live! 

Together, we WILL save lives!

Take pride in this- YOU are apart of this! 

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